STAR Systems was invited out to speak at 2013 Space Access Society's Conference, being held in Phoenix, Arizona. SAS features a cross-section of the growing cheap access community, talking about what's going on now and what we should be doing next, in a fast-paced informal atmosphere. SA'13 is the next round of Space Access Society's yearly event for people seriously interested in the business, technology, and politics of radically cheaper space transporta Read more

Over this past weekend we completed another round of testing of our 3" hybrid rocket motor testing! This burn was very similar to the one we performed in November. However, upon attempting to increase the oxidizer flow rate, we discovered we needed to plumb our solenoid and control valve in series to achieve the flow and control we desired. Check out the video after the break! Read more


Over the past few weeks, we have been working towards a test firing of our 3" Rocket motor. This afternoon, over the holiday weekend, we successfully fired our motor for 8 seconds! We've got a video and a brief discussion about how the test went. Read more

Hermes on FOX 10

Hi everyone! Since our last update, STAR Systems has been running the media gauntlet. A lot of organizations were interested in hearing about our story after our successful Kickstarter campaign. We've fielded tons of inquiries and had the opportunity to interview with local news affiliates, bloggers and more. We've got links to our interviews and updates on the rocket development (including a video), and some info for those of you who contributed to our campaign. Read more


Thank you all for your support. I am truly amazed at the amount of momentum built up towards the end of the project that let us reach our goal. You are an amazing group of supporters! We're going to work hard to live up to your confidence in us. Read more