2" Rocket Motor Tests

It’s been a while since we’ve had a significant news update, but rest assured we’ve been pushing hard to continue building momentum on our endeavor. Since our last update, we’ve been doing extensive fuel testing. We’ve created over a dozen different batches of rocket fuel, trying to hone in on a formula that will provide the right consistency, ultimately giving us the best performance and biggest bang for our buck.

Creating fuel cores, however, only gets us so far. To truly measure their performance, motor firing tests are needed. A decision was made to scale down to a 2” diameter test platform to reduce fuel costs and test complexity. STAR Systems is now in the process of establishing a baseline test procedure, so we can perform a gauntlet of tests to optimize our propulsion components.

To date, we have performed several engine firings with various levels of success. In the above video, two night firings are shown off. Both fuel cores are approximately 6 inches long, and were expected the put out approximately 30 pounds of thrust. Both tests lasted for approximately 5 seconds, and achieved results close to their theoretical expectations.

In the upcoming months, we’ll be doing a lot more test firings. Our plan is to take video of all of them and then produce a compilation of our progression. Stay tuned!